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1.jpg The plan is to follow the power boat Wayfinder to the marshalling area.

2.jpg The red can buoy, the assembly point, is in the far distance (zoom in).

3.jpg The buoy reached; awaiting those who took time out to raise their sails

4.jpg Lovely light breeze - just enough to inflate the sails


Vincent II,under full sail, joins the group


Awaiting signal to proceed to the Commodore on the red Ranger Tug.


Signal given, the procession begins.

8.jpg Saying goodbye to the red buoy.

9.jpg The Voyager, looking good,

10.jpg The drone, racing to catch up with the next boat.

11.jpg OK. This will have to do.

12.jpg The Vincent II successfully made the salute. .

13.jpg The plan is to play "man-overboard" drills by plucking small red bobbers from the water and fetching an attached playing card.

14.jpg The boat with the highest-scoring hand is the winner of the game. .

15.jpg One wonders if the Wayfinder would have the advantage in this game. A conspiracy with the Commodore?

16.jpg Tara grabs a bobber as another contestant lines up on one.

The drone's batteries are depleted, and so it says farewell to the game still ongoing.